Morris-Benson Area Storm Hockey

MBA Storm 2022-2023



Welcome to the MBA Storm online registration.   Please make sure you register with USA Hockey prior to registering with MBA Storm.  You will need your player USA Hockey number(s) to complete registration.  This can be done at  For varsity players, you still need to register with MBA online registration - simply use a random number or jersey number for the USA Hockey number (as HS does not require USA hockey membership).


Please use the "Player info MBA" tab to fill out the player information form.


Then use the below links to review the documents.  The only forms you'll need to print, fill out, and return are the sportsmanship agreement and the Consent to Treat.  We will keep a copy of the consent to treat in the coaches binders for the season.


There will be a check box in each section that will be your signature that you agree to the terms for:

  • MBA Storm Handbook
  • Code of Conduct
  • MBA volunteer agreement
  • consent to treat 
  • Picture release form


Registration fees will be emailed and are due prior to the first practice in order to be eligible to play. 


See your specific Association location for registration rate as well as  the fundraising form/agreement.


Registration rates are specific to the association you belong to and level of play your child/children are in.  See link for age level information:



Please direct questions to:

Darron Carr

MHA Registrar

Phone: 952-913-2194